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At Coastal Kapital, our vision is to be a beacon of innovation and inclusivity in the financial landscape, establishing an integrated ecosystem that extends beyond core lending activities. Currently securing 100 million in capital, we are poised to revolutionize lending by introducing a human touch to decision-making through a reshaped underwriting platform, transcending traditional scoring methods for a deeper understanding of individuals and unlocking diverse growth opportunities. Our unwavering commitment extends to fostering collaboration with diverse lenders, promoting equality in lending, and empowering women in business. Simultaneously, we aspire to provide comprehensive business credit education to students and entrepreneurs, aiming to build a robust 400 million dollar portfolio over the next decade. Beyond lending, Coastal Kapital is dedicated to education, integrating courses into colleges and online platforms to empower businesses with enhanced financial knowledge, positioning ourselves as a catalyst for positive change in the financial industry.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, securing timely and accessible financing solutions is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Coastal Kapital, a leading player in the world of business financing, stands as the bridge that connects businesses to the capital they need to grow, adapt, and succeed. Below we describe our operations, focusing on our commitment to empowering businesses, the significance of business financing, and our simplified approach that makes financing straightforward and accessible. However, Coastal Kapital is more than just financing; it’s about an entire ecosystem of support and resources we offer to our clients. We’ve invested in cutting-edge marketing strategies, efficient operations and systems, and a comprehensive approach to client relations that sets us apart in the industry.

Coastal Kapital’s goal is to be a dedicated partner to our customers, in business financing. We comprehend the intricate financial challenges businesses face, regardless of their size or industry. Our commitment revolves around providing innovative financing solutions that empower businesses to unlock their full potential.

Our versatile portfolio of financing options is designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. From equipment financing to working capital solutions, Coastal Kapital has a solution for every stage of a business’s growth journey. With competitive rates and flexible payback terms, we ensure that financing doesn’t become a burden but an enabler for a client’s success.

Our approach is underpinned by the belief that a direct relationship between our advisors and clients leads to personalized, effective solutions. We prioritize transparency and exceptional customer service to build lasting partnerships that drive sustainable growth.

Business financing is a fundamental requirement for long-term growth. Whether a client is a startup with a groundbreaking idea or an established business looking to expand, having access to capital is crucial. Coastal Kapital understands this need and is ready to assist.

We believe in simplifying the financing process. Coastal Kapital has removed unnecessary hurdles, making it easier for a client to secure the funds they need. Our commitment to transparency and excellent customer service ensures that our clients have a trusted partner by their sides.

Per Fed Small Business, 43% of small businesses applied for a loan last year. Businesses turned to online lending institutions, the Small Business Administration, merchant cash advance providers, and institutional lenders | Small Business Lending Statistics & Trends in 2023 | Janet Gershen-Siegel, August 15, 2023


operations summary

Problems We Solve

Coastal Kapital offers a broad spectrum of financing solutions tailored to meet our client’s unique needs:

  • Equipment Financing
  • Working Capital Loans
  • Merchant Cash Advances
  • Unsecured Business Loans
  • Line of Credit
  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans
  • SBA Loans
  • Franchise Financing
  • Construction Financing
  • Commercial Vehicle Loans
  • Business Acquisition Financing

Dedicated Support for Women Entrepreneurs

Coastal Kapital is proud to support women entrepreneurs in their quest for success. We understand the unique challenges women face when starting and growing businesses, and we’re committed to providing customized solutions tailored to their needs. Our support for women entrepreneurs includes:

  • Specialized financing programs
  • Dedicated advisory services
  • Workshops and resources for skill development
  • Networking opportunities
  • Partnerships with women-led businesses
  • Scholarships and grants for women entrepreneurs

We believe that by empowering women entrepreneurs, we contribute to economic growth and greater diversity in the business world.

Investment with Us

When you choose to invest in Coastal Kapital, you’re not just participating in an ordinary financial endeavor; you’re becoming part of a journey toward success and innovation. Our unique approach to investment offers several compelling reasons to consider partnering with us.

First and foremost, our investment strategy revolves around diversification and the prudent purchase of hard and soft assets. With a demonstrated history of risk aversion and a quarter-century of industry experience, your investment is in capable hands. We prioritize risk mitigation, ensuring your capital is safeguarded while aiming for impressive returns.

Your investment will be strategically directed towards smaller and larger notes with an emphasis on app-based lending. This approach is designed to maximize diversification, reduce potential defaults, and bolster the chances of success. Additionally, we employ collateral-based lending, further securing your investment, with up to $250,000 available in collateral to provide peace of mind.

Our commitment to investing in equipment for businesses, including short-term bridge loans based on accounts receivable, showcases our adaptability and diversified opportunities. This strategy keeps us responsive to market trends and clients’ ever-evolving needs, providing a wealth of potential investment avenues.

But what truly sets us apart and guarantees our success is our unique approach to lending. Coastal Kapital is dedicated to providing fast turnarounds and straightforward qualification processes, allowing borrowers to express their stories and needs. We pride ourselves on reintroducing the human touch to underwriting, investing time to understand our clients, their stories, and their financial aspirations. We believe in changing the lending equation by asking why clients need funds, how those funds will drive success, and how they intend to repay them.

Investing with Coastal Kapital means embracing a strategy that blends innovation, risk mitigation, and the human element. We are not just a lending company; we are a bridge to success. If you’re seeking an investment opportunity that goes beyond the ordinary, we invite you to join us on this journey toward prosperity and pioneering lending practices. Contact our investor relations team to explore this exciting opportunity further


Maximum Offering


Minimum Investment


44% of [small business owners have] less than three months of cash reserves in the case of an emergency or a COVID-19 related shutdown

— | Septemeber 14, 2021

terms of the offering


Minimum Investment: $50,000

Interest will accrue on the Notes from the date that the purchase price of the Note (which we refer to as the “Loan Amount”) is paid to the company and the Company has accepted the applicable Subscription Agreement. The outstanding Loan Amount under a Note will bear interest at 9% per annum, and the interest computation will be based upon twelve 30-day months. In the event of an Event of Default (as described below), the outstanding Loan Amount will accrue interest at a default interest rate of 12% per year, simple interest from and after the date that the Company receives written notice of the Event of Default, until all amounts due under the Note have been paid in full or the Event of Default has been cured.

The full Loan Amount, together with accrued and unpaid interest, is due and payable to the applicable noteholder (each a “Holder”), on or before the end of the 60th calendar month following the issuance of the applicable Note, subject to the below.

The Company may choose to prepay part or all of the Note without penalty at any time prior to the Maturity Date, or extension thereof. Any such prepayment will be credited first to any accrued and unpaid interest and then to the payment of the outstanding Loan Amount.

Events of Default

The Notes are subject to three possible “Events of Default.” It is an “Event of Default” if any of the following occur:

  • The Company fails to perform any of its material obligations under the Note, or is in breach in any material respect of any representation, warranty, covenant or agreement on the part of the Company set forth in the Note, and the Company has not rectified such event within 90 days of receipt of notice thereof signed by the holder of the applicable Note;
  • the Company commences any liquidation or dissolution proceedings or filing of a petition in bankruptcy under any provisions of federal or state bankruptcy law or consents to the filing of any bankruptcy petition against it under any similar law; or
  • the Company fails to pay all amounts due under the applicable Note on the Maturity Date.

If an Event of Default occurs, the interest rate will be increased to 12% per annum (the “Default Rate”), which Default Rate will remain in place until the applicable Note is either paid as due or such Event of Default is cured. If an Event of Default as set forth in the last two bullet points above occurs, the Holder will have the right to declare the Note due and payable on notice to the Company and may seek any other remedies as available under applicable law.

The Notes will be general unsecured obligations of the Company.


Subject to compliance with the requirements of the Note, a Holder will have the right to transfer their Note to any qualifying third party of its choice contingent upon securing the Company’s written consent in advance of the proposed transfer. The Company is under no obligation to recognize the transferee as a successor “Holder”, until the Holder has surrendered the original Note for registration of transfer, duly endorsed, or accompanied by a duly executed written assignment of transfer in a form reasonably satisfactory to the Company. A new Note for a like principal amount and interest will be issued to, and registered in the name of, the transferee. Transfer of the Notes may also be restricted under the securities laws or securities regulations promulgated by various states and foreign jurisdictions, commonly referred to as “Blue Sky” laws. Absent compliance with such individual state laws, the Notes may not be traded in such jurisdictions. Because the securities sold under this Offering have not and will not be registered for resale under the Blue Sky laws of any state, the Holders and any persons who desire to purchase them in any trading market that might develop in the future, should be aware that there may be significant state Blue Sky law restrictions upon the ability of Investors to resell the Notes and of purchasers to purchase the Notes. Accordingly, Investors should be prepared to hold the Notes until their maturity date as may be extended.

The descriptions of the Notes set forth herein are not a full description of the terms of the Notes and are qualified in their entirety to the form of Note as attached hereto as Exhibit B. Prospective investors are urged to read the Note in its entirety prior to subscribing for the purchase of a Note.

[A] study by U.S. Bank shows that 82% of small businesses fail because of cash flow mismanagement.

- | Here's why small businesses fail | Jeff Desjardins, Visual Capitalist August 2, 2017


Management Team

At Coastal Kapital, we are on a mission to empower individuals and businesses with groundbreaking financial solutions that go beyond conventional credit scoring. Our commitment extends to supporting a diverse array of entrepreneurs, including women, veterans, and minorities, through the establishment of robust partnerships. We strive to aid them in realizing their financial goals, fostering growth through education, and delivering financing that is both reliable and transparent. Embracing the strength of unconventional financing, Coastal Kapital looks past traditional credit scores, delving into the narrative behind each transaction to truly understand and meet our clients' unique needs.

Kortney Murray

Kortney Murray

Kortney Murray

CEO of the Company and Coastal Kapital, LLC and Coastal Kapital I, LLC

Kortney Murray is a remarkable CEO, Entrepreneur, and financial services leader who has made a significant impact in the world of business finance. As the CEO and Founder of Coastal Kapital, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership and expertise. With a diverse entrepreneurial background, Kortney has shattered barriers in a male dominated arena and proven that gender is not a limitation to success. Her achievements and influence have garnered widespread recognition and respect. Kortney is a best-selling co-author, media personality, sought-after keynote speaker, and board member of AACFB. Her mission revolves around creating successful business partnerships, addressing entrepreneurial challenges, and guiding others through the complexities of business financing. Through her relentless drive and commitment to empowering others, Kortney Murray has become a true trailblazer in her field.

Christopher Murray

Christopher Murray

Christopher Murray

President of Sales

Christopher brings a diverse background to his role at Coastal Kapital LLC. With a major in Business and a minor in Finance from Salem State College, he has experience as an Electrician, in Corporate Development, Property Management, and in the Finance Industry, specializing in Working Capital and Equipment Financing since 2009. As the President of Sales at Coastal Kapital, he actively participates in local networking meetings and national trade shows. Christopher’s focus is on the overall growth of Coastal Kapital LLC while managing a dynamic client portfolio. Known for his mild-mannered nature, positive attitude, and genuine care for his clients’ personal and professional goals, Christopher consistently contributes to their success. He firmly believes in providing exceptional customer service and possesses extensive knowledge in Banking and Finance. With utmost confidence, he assures that Coastal Kapital LLC, with its exceptional staff, will always deliver outstanding service.


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